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Light up the night with white pool and spa lights. Illuminate
your pool and spa for an evening swim, backyard
entertainment and added safety.

  • Corrosion-free stainless steel housing, long-lasting
    bulbs, and diffused tempered glass offer you hassle-
    free ownership
  • Incandescent version offers you all the choices you
    need for any pool
Standard White Lights
Jandy Pro Series WaterColors LED color pool and spa
lights bring a palette of colors to your backyard paradise
for a truly unique atmosphere.Operating with less than 50
watts of power, LED lights can reduce energy expenses by
up to 90%, while providing up to 50,000 hours of lighting.
Whether swimming or just lighting up the night, you’ll enjoy
an endless display of brilliant, beautiful color.

  • Unique wide angle lens design saturates your water
    with a wide variety of primary colors and blended
    water colors
  • Choose from five color shows or let Jandy Pro Series
    WaterColors transition through continuously
    changing colors
  • Reduces your energy expenses by up to 90%
Color Changing Lights
The new Jandy Pro Series Nicheless LED Underwater Pool
and Spa Lights feature RGBW technology for more radiant
color. Lights are up to 250% brighter than first-generation
models and deliver up to 25% greater beam spread to
brighten hard-to-reach corners. Available in Watercolors
and White-only models, the lights also come in a variety of
outputs and sizes for creative flexibility. A smaller lens size
also allows for more lights to be installed without affecting
the aesthetic of the pool, creating an even lighting effect
while reducing hot spots. The pool lights are low-voltage,
require no bonding or traditional niches, and are the perfect
retrofit for fiber optic replacement.

Control your lights anytime, anywhere with iAquaLink™, and
all pool features even the light colors, can be selected and
controlled from your smartphone or web-connected device.
To learn more, or to download the app, visit
Jandy Pro Series Nicheless LED lights are controllable and
compatible with AquaLink® automation systems.
New Nicheless LED Lights In White or Color